Our Mission

We are determined to help our members by providing the best information, educational resources and benefits available!


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Benefit Programs

URWA provides its members access to group insurance plans that have group These plans and low rates are not available directly to individuals. The association is your group and the only way to get these insurance plans!

National Service Center
We handle all our member customer service directly from our National Service Center in Atlanta, Georgia

24 hour Member Services
Members enjoy 24 hour access to exclusive benefits, including health and consumer services.


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Member Benefits

URWA seeks out a variety of discounts and services to add value to its membership. From Delta Community Credit Union eligibility and 24-hour Roadside Assistance to our National Service Center, URWA membership has its advantages!

Once you become a member, you can sign up for any of the insurance plans and take advantage of the association benefits and discounts.

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Since 1993

Company Profile

URWA management has over 30 years experience with providing resources to individuals.

URWA customers are typically very pleased to learn that they qualify for a variety of benefits and discounts at reasonable rates.

Every study of American businesses has showed that employees with benefits such as those obtainable through URWA are happier, healthier, and more productive than those without such benefits.

Bottom Line: We take care of people so they can take care of business.


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Our national service center is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and we are happy to answer questions about how URWA can benefit your business.